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Let us set up and host your new ‘Online Shop’.
After an initial discussion we will put together a package that most suits your needs and budget. A few days later you can preview our offering and discuss any changes. Once your shop is live, we will guide you through all the processes involved. Rest assured we are just a  phone call away should you become ‘lost’.
We pride ourselves on our customer support.


How much does it cost to ?

There is an initial setup charge of £99 on each package, then you pay a fixed amount monthly (min 12 months)


300 products
25 catagories
250 mb storage
1 mailbox
email tech support
1000 products
100 catagories
10 gb storage
5 mailbox
email tech support
customer statistics
unlimited products
unlimited catagories
25 gb storage
10 mailbox
premium tech support
customer statistics



Once activated, you will have total management over your e-shop, adding products, creating catagories & descriptions, pricing and delivery costs

call us now – 01652 635667


Clear Product  layoutsCustomers can find products by the catagories you set
Simple ‘Click 2 Buy’ Full product information and ‘add to basket’ buttons
Automated Payment ProcessingCustomers can pay immediately using any card through Paypal



Online retail sales hit £50bn



Online retail sales increased by 14% last year to more than £50bn, with predictions that the growth will continue to hit high streets, according to a new report.

Shopping comparison website Kelkoo predicted a similar increase this year, well above the expected 3.65% rise in total retail sales.

Online shoppers spent an average of just under £1,500 each on 39 items last year, with internet retail trade accounting for 12% of total spending, the highest in Europe, said the report.

Other European countries with high online retail market shares included Germany (9%), Switzerland (8.7%) and Norway (8.1%), while the lowest were in Italy (1.3%) and Poland (3.1%).

Chris Simpson of Kelkoo said: “Over the last five years internet retailing has improved substantially thanks to the use of affordable ‘always-on’ internet connections, simple and secure payment systems and the increasing popularity of mobile devices, combined with the growth of mobile-based retail sites.

“All of these factors should help online retail sales and retail sales via mobile devices to continue to thrive in 2012.

“It’s natural to see consumer appetite for online shopping growing year on year. This is not because people are spending more money but because they are shopping in the most convenient and affordable way for their individual needs.

“Inevitably, this will have an ongoing negative impact on the high street, an issue which is forcing retailers to bring the two channels much closer together.

“It is widely acknowledged that the recession has boosted the appeal of online retailing and UK consumers are more determined than ever to make every penny count.

“We predict that British online retailers will enjoy an average rise in online sales of 14% this year.”

What is The IMRG saying about online retail
(UK’s industry association for e-retailing)

  • The UK is Europe’s leading e-retail economy, with sales estimated to have reached £68.2bn in 2011 [find out more]
  • Global e-retail sales increased by almost 25% to €591bn in 2010 [find out more]
  • The UK e-retail market is currently growing at 16% per annum, in spite of the recession [find out more]
  • e-Retail now accounts for 17% of total retail sales in the UK [find out more]
  • The UK’s per capita spend of €1333 per annum is the highest in the world [find out more]
  • The digital commerce market provides employment for over 730,000 people in the UK [find out more]
  • 32 million people shop online in the UK [find out more]
  • More than one billion parcels are shipped from online purchases each year in the UK [find out more]






 UK consumers spent about £186m online on Christmas Day and £320m on Boxing Day. Despite the impact of the recession, these figures represent a 12% increase on 2010.

Our Basic Terms

  • You will be provided with an Ecommerce website from our ‘pay monthly’ range, hosted on our servers.
  • If you already have a Domain Name, it will need redirecting to your new shop on our server, we can help you with this, please ask.
  • If you do not have a Domain Name, you will need to register one, we can help you with this, please ask
  • A setup fee of £99 is payable on ordering your site.
  • A package price (see above) is payable each month for 11 further months and this is to be paid on the monthly anniversary date of your site ordered. (ie, if you order on the 5th of November then each month on the 5th the monthly fee is due). This is a hosting fee.
  • Payments can be made online with anyby Bank Transfer, Paypal, Credit/Debit Card (via Paypal), Standing Order OR Cheque, accounts may be suspended for non payment and a £15 late fee may be applied.
  • By ordering a shop site, you agree to the terms and should you stop paying or wish to cancel before the 12 month you must pay all fees due during your term. (ie If you have 5 months of your term left you would have to pay 5 X £monthly package)
  • After 12 months you may cancel the website at any time with nothing more to pay (we do ask for one months notice), however we do hope you stay with us.
  • Technical support standard is done via email, Technical support Premium includes over the phone, step by step guidance.

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